Uniqlo takes legal action against Shein for allegedly replicating its popular ‘Mary Poppins bag’

Uniqlo Co.’s legal action against Shein over an alleged infringement of its popular “Mary Poppins [...]

CEOs increasingly concerned about their companies’ survival in the face of AI and climate challenges, survey finds

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China’s December exports increase by 2.3% amidst uneven recovery, as consumer prices experience a slight decrease.

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Regulators greenlight new bitcoin funds, potentially boosting investment in the digital currency

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Tiger Woods and Nike part ways after over 27 years of partnership

Tiger Woods, the iconic figure in the world of golf, has recently bid adieu to [...]

US new vehicle sales increase by 12% despite high prices, interest rates, and auto strikes as buyers remain undeterred.

The year 2023 witnessed a remarkable surge in the American automotive market, with consumers displaying [...]

Job openings in the US dropped slightly in November but continue to be at historically high levels.

The recent report from the Labor Department revealed that in November, America’s employers posted 8.8 [...]

Houthis continue ‘reckless’ Red Sea attacks as trade traffic increases, says commander

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Chances of further sports betting expansion may diminish following rapid expansion to 38 states

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The year of self-reflection in social media: Twitter fades, X and Threads emerge, and AI becomes more personal

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