Strong-fingered German men battle it out in Bavaria’s Fingerhakeln wrestling championship

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A town in Japan is constructing a large screen to deter tourists from viewing Mount Fuji

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Residents in a South Carolina county are calling the police due to the excessive noise from cicadas.

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Cloning of two additional black-footed ferrets raises optimism for the conservation of a threatened species

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One approach to addressing the NYC rat problem humanely: Consider birth control for rats

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Unusual Items like Voodoo Doll, Whoopie Cushion, and Denture Powder Found Littering New Jersey Beaches

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An extermination is being planned for the out-of-control mouse population on a warming island that is preying on seabirds.

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Kevin Bacon, a 450-pound wandering pig, steals the spotlight on a home security camera.

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Oklahoma Medical Helicopter Crash Results in Discovery of Deceased Goose Inside Cabin

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El Salvador’s Bukele grabs everyone’s attention as he pursues reelection despite constitutional constraints

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