MLB seeks to attract a younger fan base through player stylists and collaborations with Gucci, aiming for a fresh and trendy image.

On Tuesday, Major League Baseball will showcase its pursuit of being the epitome of cool [...]

In Japan, ‘job leaving agents’ assist in avoiding awkwardness when quitting work.

In Japan, where company loyalty and lifetime employment are highly valued, individuals who switch jobs [...]

Change in Age Calculation Method Makes South Koreans Younger Overnight

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea is embracing a new age-counting method that brings [...]

Latest instance of perilous and inexplicable behavior seen as orcas disrupt boat race near Spain

A pod of killer whales bumped one of the boats in an endurance sailing race [...]

French nun inspires hope for Catholic women, but can she bring lasting change?

Many Catholics see Sister Nathalie’s appointment as a glimmer of hope. She is seen as [...]

Illinois man charged for falsely claiming that he shot himself in the leg while dreaming of a home intruder.

The incident involving the Lake Barrington man who is now facing firearm charges has garnered [...]

Demolition crew saves abandoned litter of baby raccoons in Utah

A demolition crew in Utah stumbled upon a litter of baby raccoons while tearing down [...]

California artists and chefs use inventive methods to address the potentially harmful “superbloom” of wild mustard

Max Kingery, a fashion designer based in Los Angeles, has faced scrutiny for removing the [...]

Popular artist raises awareness about the endangered African wildlife through latest art exhibition.

African wildlife, with its iconic big beasts and diverse species, has long been a central [...]

Fans who mistreat umpires in this baseball league are punished by being required to do the job themselves.

In 1888, during the time of the famous baseball poem “Casey at the Bat,” fans [...]