Counterfeit Ozempic injections are being distributed by some authorized channels, warns FDA

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US Authorities Prevent Elf Bar Manufacturer and Others from Importing 1.4 Million Unauthorized E-Cigarettes

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Cantaloupe-related Salmonella outbreak affects dozens in 15 states, say U.S. health officials

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Some hospitals are feeling the strain of RSV, prompting US officials to distribute additional vaccinations for infants

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Experts say that supplies alone are not enough to save Gaza hospital patients and that the evacuation process remains dangerous

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Drug testing in obese individuals is a significant issue due to the lack of regulations.

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“Health providers optimistic about AI chatbots’ potential to improve care, despite concerns of perpetuating racism”

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Experts warn that the authorization of a second malaria vaccine by the UN is insufficient to halt the spread of the disease

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ALS patients’ experimental treatment gains FDA attention, but agency remains skeptical of its effectiveness

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NBA team owner investing millions in stroke care and health research in Detroit

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