Notre Dame reaches a significant milestone: One year until the cathedral reopens to the public following a catastrophic fire

The devastating fire that ravaged Notre Dame in 2019 left a profound sense of loss [...]

Trump’s defense in civil fraud trial focuses on Mar-a-Lago, with broker describing it as ‘stunning’

Former President Donald Trump has been embroiled in a civil business fraud trial, which has [...]

Volcanic eruption in Indonesia leaves 11 dead and 12 climbers missing, bodies recovered

The recent eruption of Mount Marapi in Indonesia has resulted in a tragic loss of [...]

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger dies at the age of 100

The passing of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger marks the end of an era [...]

Details of captivity emerge as freed hostages return to Israel, including irregular meals and benches used as beds

The recent release of 58 hostages from Hamas captivity has shed light on the deplorable [...]

Biden’s proposal could increase pay for Head Start educators while potentially reducing available spots for children

It is commendable that the Biden administration is taking steps to address the issue of [...]

Experts say that supplies alone are not enough to save Gaza hospital patients and that the evacuation process remains dangerous

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Anchorage ramps up shelter capacity following surge in outdoor deaths and unprecedented snowfall

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Years of devastation for Acapulco’s impoverished following two hours of terror in Hurricane Otis aftermath

In the wake of the catastrophic Hurricane Otis, which struck Acapulco, Mexico, Estela Sandoval Díaz [...]

Parents contemplate whether to send their children back to schools near a Maui wildfire burn zone as educational institutions prepare for reopening.

The aftermath of the devastating wind-driven wildfire that ravaged the picturesque town of Lahaina in [...]