Stone tools discovered in Ukraine are believed to be the oldest in Europe, dating back over 1 million years.

The discovery of stone tools in Ukraine has unveiled a fascinating chapter in the annals [...]

Mexican gray wolves see population growth, yet genetic diversity deficit persists

The Mexican gray wolf, an iconic species native to the southwestern United States, has been [...]

Giant asteroid to safely pass by Earth on Friday, coming within 1.7 million miles

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Scientists have mapped the largest deep-sea coral reef to date off the coast of the US Atlantic.

The recent discovery of the largest coral reef deep in the ocean off the U.S. [...]

Google introduces Gemini, raising the bar in the worldwide competition for AI supremacy

Google has made a significant advancement in the field of artificial intelligence with the introduction [...]

A six-planet solar system in the Milky Way has been discovered in remarkable harmony

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Will shoppers take advantage of retailers’ big Black Friday deals?

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SpaceX to make another attempt to launch its mega rocket into orbit following failed first try resulting in explosion

SpaceX, a leading aerospace company, is preparing for another test flight of its mega rocket, [...]

Climate change may increase conflict among Africa’s big cats as cheetahs shift to nocturnal behavior in response to hot days

The findings of the recent study on the behavioral patterns of cheetahs in response to [...]

Most ancient black hole discovered, dating back 470 million years after the Big Bang

In a groundbreaking discovery that has captured the attention of the scientific community, researchers have [...]