Studio Ghibli receives honorary Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival

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UN Security Council denies Russia-supported resolution to ban weapons in outer space

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When the first warm-blooded dinosaurs walked the Earth

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Strong-fingered German men battle it out in Bavaria’s Fingerhakeln wrestling championship

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Young people in Rio’s favelas create Brazilian dance craze declared cultural heritage

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Upper Midwest once again engulfed in Canadian wildfire smoke for second consecutive year

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Gucci dazzles with star-studded cruise collection fashion show at London’s iconic Tate Modern

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AP Sources: US to Introduce Significant Tariffs on Chinese Green Energy Imports, Including EVs

The Biden administration’s plan to impose major new tariffs on electric vehicles, semiconductors, solar equipment, [...]

Following the Roe v. Wade decision, those who assist individuals in obtaining abortions now view themselves as part of an underground network.

In the heart of Nampa, Idaho, amidst the backdrop of stringent abortion laws, Kimra Luna [...]

A town in Japan is constructing a large screen to deter tourists from viewing Mount Fuji

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