Volunteers race to rescue animals following Ukraine dam collapse: ‘Every life is precious’

Volunteers in southern Ukraine are stepping up efforts to save animals trapped in the aftermath of a devastating dam collapse. One volunteer is seen trying to rescue a dog, stranded on a floating island of debris. However, the terrified animal is too traumatised to approach the rescuer, who tries to lure it with some food.

Despite the challenges, the volunteers remain determined to save as many animals as they can. They understand the importance of valuing all life, including that of animals. Through their efforts, they hope to give these animals a fighting chance to survive and possibly be reunited with their owners.

In an act of bravery and compassion, Volodymyr Holubnichii managed to calm a terrified dog stranded on a floating island of debris following a dam collapse in southern Ukraine. Despite the animal’s initial reluctance, Holubnichii was able to coax it with some food and soothe it with gentle words.

With calm and persistence, Holubnichii was able to gain the dog’s trust and successfully led the animal to safety, using a leash and carrying it out of harm’s way. This act is just one of many by the dedicated volunteers who are tirelessly working to help all the animals affected by the disaster.

After the Kakhovka dam collapsed last Tuesday and submerged towns in southern Ukraine, several volunteers raced to aid the stranded animals left behind by their owners. Among these volunteers is Volodymyr Holubnichii, a part of the organization Animal Rescue Kharkiv.

Holubnichii spent several days cruising through the flooded streets of Kherson city to rescue animals before they die of dehydration and starvation. He is part of a team of 70 volunteers working tirelessly to save as many animals as possible. These volunteers are fearlessly extracting animals from rooftops and garages of flooded homes, desperately trying to bring them to safety.

Their devotion is admirable as they continue to risk their lives to save helpless animals from certain death. Their resilience and commitment serve as an inspiration to us all.

The aftermath of the dam collapse in southern Ukraine has resulted in extensive damage. Beyond the rescue efforts aimed at animals, the death toll of civilians continues to climb, while local crops lie ruined and the environment suffers widespread damage. Furthermore, the flooding has also led to the displacement of landmines, posing an additional security threat in the region.

The responsibility for the disaster is disputed, with Kyiv accusing Russia of deliberately blowing up the Dnieper River dam and hydropower plant under its control, while Russia argues that Ukraine is to blame. Amidst the blame game, the resulting damage is clear and will take time to repair, affecting countless civilians and the natural environment.

As the authorities continue to grapple with the aftermath of the disaster, it is crucial to focus on coordinated efforts to support those affected and work towards preventing similar catastrophes in the future.

The Kherson province in southern Ukraine, bisected by the Dnieper River, has been caught up in the ongoing conflict following Russia’s invasion of the country over 15 months ago. The region has become an important fault line in the conflict, with battles fought over control of the river and its surroundings.

Following the conflict, Russian forces withdrew from the western bank of the river, including the regional capital which is also named Kherson. However, a portion of the eastern side of the region remains under Russian occupation, adding to the tension and instability in the area.

The prolonged conflict has had far-reaching consequences, impacting the lives of many civilians and causing damage to the environment and infrastructure. It is crucial that a peaceful resolution is reached, allowing for the long-term recovery and rebuilding of the affected regions.

As the rescue efforts continue in southern Ukraine’s flooded areas, Ukrainian authorities are working towards evacuating stranded residents most at risk. However, the situation remains dire, with officials reporting at least 14 deaths so far. Thousands of people have been left homeless, with tens of thousands lacking access to clean drinking water.

The magnitude of the disaster highlights the urgent need for coordinated relief efforts, including adequate shelter, medical aid, and basic necessities such as food and water. The authorities and relief organizations must work tirelessly to respond to the suffering of those affected by the floods, providing both immediate and long-term support to rebuild and recover from the devastation.

When news of the devastating flooding in southern Ukraine reached him, Holubnichii’s thoughts turned immediately to the animals caught up in the disaster. He expressed an unwavering commitment to saving all life, recognizing that every living being deserves compassion and protection.

In his words, “All life should be valued. It doesn’t matter if it’s an animal or a person or something else.” Holubnichii’s work on the frontlines of the rescue efforts is a testament to this belief, and his compassion serves as an inspiration to many. His dedication, and that of the other volunteers risking their lives to save helpless animals, is a reminder of the profound goodness that can arise amidst grave adversity.

The volunteers from Animal Rescue Kharkiv have taken decisive action in the immediate aftermath of the devastating dam collapse in southern Ukraine. Quickly packing their equipment, the volunteers traveled from northern Kharkiv province to the Kherson region, where they have been working tirelessly to rescue animals stranded by the floods.

Their efforts have already resulted in the rescue of 107 animals, including 45 dogs, 36 cats, five kittens, 18 chickens, and three goats – animals that would have otherwise been left to perish in the disaster. Many of these animals were owned by civilians who had been evacuated, underscoring the impact of the floods on all residents in the affected areas.

The rescued animals have been taken to shelters across Ukraine, demonstrating the interconnectedness of communities and the importance of working together to support one another in times of crisis. The Animal Rescue Kharkiv volunteers embody this spirit of compassion and determination, providing hope and a sense of solidarity amidst the chaos of the disaster.

The Animal Rescue Kharkiv volunteers have been putting themselves in harm’s way as they extract animals from the flooded areas of Kherson. Using rescue boats, the team’s efforts have taken them to remote areas, where they bravely navigate the submerged homes to save the stranded animals.

Their work has brought them into dangerous situations: on Thursday, they faced Russian shelling while attempting to rescue the helpless creatures. Despite the risk, they remained steadfast and continued their efforts to save as many animals as possible.

The animals themselves have shown the physical and emotional toll of the disaster, with many being abandoned by their owners in panic. The volunteers witnessed the fear and trauma of these animals, some unable to even stand on their own. The team’s work has been essential in providing these creatures with a chance at survival, demonstrating the importance of compassion in times of crisis.

Volodymyr Holubnichii’s rescue work has been nothing short of heroic, braving dangerous conditions to save animals in the flooded areas of Kherson. In one harrowing scene, he stumbled upon a small dog trapped under floating debris, barely conscious and in distress.

Holubnichii’s compassionate instincts kicked in, and he quickly picked up the dog, comforting it with gentle words. His attentions were then diverted to another dog, trapped on the rooftop of a flooded home. In the midst of the chaos, Holubnichii approached the dog, offering the same reassurance he had given to the previous animal, saying: “Don’t be afraid, giant,” in a soft voice.

It is this kind of deeply empathetic and courageous work that has brought comfort and hope to the animals and residents caught up in the disaster. Holubnichii’s actions continue to inspire others to do what they can to help alleviate suffering and provide a lifeline during difficult times.

For many residents like 90-year-old Valentyna Timofeevna, the work of Animal Rescue Kharkiv is the best hope of being reunited with their beloved pets. Evacuated from their homes, residents have been forced to abandon their animals, leaving them unsure whether their pets are still alive.

Timofeevna, who had to leave her dog and cat behind, is particularly devastated. She weeps at the thought of their fate, wondering if they have already perished in the disaster. Despite her heartache, volunteers are there to provide comfort and support, assuring her that there’s still hope to reunite with her beloved pets and not to rush to conclusions.

Their work, which provides both practical assistance to animals and emotional support to their owners, is an essential reminder of the importance of compassion and kindness in times of crisis. As they continue to work towards rescuing as many animals as possible, they bring hope to those who have been impacted by the disaster.