Ecuador’s banana exports at risk as diplomatic tensions with Russia escalate over military equipment

The recent diplomatic tensions between Ecuador and Russia have escalated following Ecuador’s decision to transfer [...]

Adrian Appiolaza named as new creative director for Milan fashion brand Moschino

In a significant announcement that has reverberated throughout the fashion industry, Moschino has appointed Adrian [...]

Job openings in the US increased in December, indicating a resilient labor market.

The American job market has continued to display remarkable resilience, as evidenced by the posting [...]

Last quarter saw a surprisingly robust 3.3% expansion in the US economy, indicating ongoing strength

The recent report from the Commerce Department has revealed that the nation’s economy experienced a [...]

HP Enterprise reveals cyberattack by suspected Russian state-backed hackers

The recent disclosure by Hewlett Packard Enterprise regarding the breach of its cloud-based email system [...]

Netflix Adds 13 Million New Subscribers Globally in 4th Quarter, Achieving Record-Breaking Holiday Season Performance

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Sheryl Sandberg, instrumental in Facebook’s transformation into a digital advertising giant, to step down from company board

Sheryl Sandberg, a prominent figure in the tech industry, has recently announced her decision to [...]

Uniqlo takes legal action against Shein for allegedly replicating its popular ‘Mary Poppins bag’

Uniqlo Co.’s legal action against Shein over an alleged infringement of its popular “Mary Poppins [...]

CEOs increasingly concerned about their companies’ survival in the face of AI and climate challenges, survey finds

The findings of the recent survey conducted by PwC, which involved over 4,700 CEOs from [...]

China’s December exports increase by 2.3% amidst uneven recovery, as consumer prices experience a slight decrease.

The recent data released by China’s official sources highlights the continued growth of the country’s [...]