Negotiations on a groundbreaking treaty to eliminate worldwide plastic pollution are progressing in Nairobi, Kenya

On Monday, a significant step was taken towards ending global plastic pollution as nations, petrochemical [...]

October broke temperature records, making it highly likely that 2023 will be the hottest year on record

It is deeply concerning to learn that this October has been the hottest on record [...]

Most farmers refuse to adopt cover crops despite their positive impact on the climate and environment, primarily due to financial concerns.

Located in Des Moines, Iowa, the agricultural hub of the United States, the topic of [...]

What does it mean when the forecast predicts an El Nino winter?

According to federal forecasters, the upcoming winter in the United States is expected to have [...]

Trillions of tons of ice lost as scientists observe significant melting in Antarctic ice shelves

A recent study has revealed alarming findings regarding the state of Antarctic ice shelves, indicating [...]

Investigation into the rapid spread of the Maui fire focuses on overgrown gully and persistent embers

The investigation into the tragic Maui wildfire that occurred last month has brought attention to [...]

Flood warnings issued for Mid-Atlantic coast as Ophelia transitions to post-tropical low and heads north

On the evening of Saturday, Tropical Storm Ophelia underwent a transformation, being officially downgraded to [...]

Lawsuit in California alleges oil giants misled public on climate change, seeks compensation for storm damage

The state of California has taken legal action against some of the world’s largest oil [...]

The impact of Hurricane Lee on New England could be influenced by the cold North Atlantic

New England has gained a reputation for its unpredictable and ever-changing weather patterns, particularly characterized [...]

Hurricane Lee’s unprecedented path in weather patterns may indicate an increase in the occurrence of monstrous storms

The recent emergence of Hurricane Lee has defied conventional wisdom in the field of meteorology, [...]